This Sounds Crazy; “Christmas”

As crazy as it sounds Christmas isn’t that far away, only 4 months (wow) it’ll be here before you know it and the best place to look for Christmas ornaments is at the “Christmas Place.”

Christmas ornaments sale here faster that anywhere else because of their great prices and their assortment is humongous. They have every type of ornament you could think of.

The Egyptian glass is a favorite to many and is also extremely wonderful low prices. It’s never to early to think about the upcoming holidays.






Everybody dreams about something they had wished for at some time or another and you’re no exception neither am I. When you see a Wishing Well you take out some change and make a wish before you toss it into the wishing well or fountain, everybody’s done it so why not you right!

The only thing is, is that you wonder if your wish will come true sometime during your lifetime or if it was just nonsense to make a wish to start with, you never know what could possibly happen unless you try.

Some say that it’s foolish to make a wish, why is that? Is we wrong to have dreams and wishes, no, not at all in fact it’s a part of life we all enjoy experiencing. Making a wish didn’t hurt anybody so they shouldn’t judge you by that in fact they shouldn’t judge you for anything, less they judge themselves.

It’s kinda like when you were a child, you made a wish before you blew out the candles on your birthday cake hoping to get the toy you wanted so much or even the book who knows what you wished for as long as you did.

Printing Services

Every now and then we need to have some sort of document printed up for certain reasons or to tell of a service that we can provide to the public and the best way to do this is through the digital printing services NYC.

The company listed above can do anything you need from printing up “announcements” all the way down to “velo/ wire/ comb binding, as well as Annual reports and wedding invitations, there aren’t any problem these folks can’t take care of, what ever your printing or service needs there, there to help.

Football Is Right Around The Corner

With NASCAR winding down and summers coming to an end, that could only mean one thing, FOOTBALL is right around the corner. Yea!!!, I can’t wait to see how the Dallas Cowboys will do this season, hopefully better than last year.

The Cowboys signed #77 Tyron Smith to a long term deal, 8 years long for a measly $110 million. wow, hope that he holds up to his end and plays extremely well, for that much money the Cowboys better win every single game and win the Super Bowl next year.

He will be making over $13 million a year, damn, I wish I could play football for the Cowboys. Nevertheless, he better earn every penny of it and then some.

Jason Garrett needs to do a lot better this year with his training program, Mike Pope has a way of training the Tight Ends, he throws ice water on them to see how they react to surprises, it’s different anyway, maybe it will work and maybe it won’t, only time will tell.

Come on football, I’m ready for you to start…

Tank Tops

Spring and early summer are generally the best times to get married because the weather is so beautiful, a slight breeze and sunshine makes for the perfect wedding day to most folks.

Many marriages are preformed on beach fronts where the waves are singing a gentle sigh of soothing sounds, which is the perfect place to wear a tank top after the wedding.

I found a tank top for a bride at “Classy Bride,” the assortment is wonderful to choose from and the prices are great.

Go ahead and surprise your new bride with the perfect tank top, you’ll be glad you did.

NASCAR’s Chase Is Only 6 Races Away

NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series Championship will soon be underway, we are looking forward to the outcome well as looking forward to watching the drivers beat and bang their way to the title and it to find out who will become the next NASCAR Champion and Super Star when it comes to fast drivers.

Jeff Gordon, Dale Jr., Brad Keselowski and Matt Kenseth all have a chance to win only if Jimmie Johnson looses a couple of races, Jimmie’s in 5th place with Kyle Busch right behind him in 6th place.

I really wish that Dale Jr. could win the Championship this year, every year I tell myself that this is his year to shine and win the title, he hasn’t done it so far but at least this year he has a great chance to win since he has 2 wins right now, hopefully, Dale can get another one, that would put him even closer to the top of all the drivers.

I guess we will know soon enough who the driver in NASCAR will be, there’s only 6 races left until the chase starts then my friends we’ll see who’s the best once and for all.


What Time Is It You Ask;

It’s time to get rid of your old watch and replace it with the one you’ve had your eyes on for a while.

The best place to sell your unwanted watch is at “Luxury Watch Buyers” of Beverly Hills, California. This company has locations all over the world not just the Beverly Hills and Greater Los Angles area.

They will give you a very fair price for your unwanted watch, you can purchase a new one from them as well.

Medication Names

Why does medicine have to have names that are pronounced in Latin, why not put an American name in ( ) beside it so people knew what they were taking and could pronounce it without having to have a Latin dictionary to look it up.

I take 7 different meds and I have terrible time remembering the names of each one so I write on top of the bottle what each one is for, one says (p) for pain, another says (mr) for muscle relaxer and one says (bp-1) for blood pressure 1 (I take 2 kinds of blood pressure pills) and so on, this is the simplest way for me to identify each one. That is the easiest way for me to remember which one is which.

It’s a good thing that my husband doesn’t have any meds, that would really mess me up. I guess all in all I’m pretty lucky that, that’s all that I have to take right now.



Dre Headphones

Just about everywhere you look you see people using headphones whether it’s on a bus, train, walking down the street or sitting in a cab, what better headphones to use than the ever so popular Dre Headphones.

The Dre Headphones produces something called monsta beats which in short is the best when it comes to a set of headphones.

The clarity is outstanding and the beats are extremely pronounced, when all is said and done, nothing comes close to the way that Dre Headphones sound, if you are looking to get the best sound out there you can’t go wrong with these.

Having FunDuring The Summer

Who says that it has to cost an arm and a leg to have fun, how much does it cost to go to the park, how about a long slow walk with a loved one, or perhaps playing a table game like Monopoly or Dominoes or even cards, those few games are sure to keep you cool on these hot summer days.

Some communities have a pool that is shared by the neighborhood and most Apartment complexes have a pool as well. Maybe you live close to the lake or the beach, (make sure to take some sunscreen to protect yourself and drink plenty of water.)

Or you could fix up a nice picnic basket and have lunch at the park with your kids then watch them play and make new friends, now, relax and enjoy the time that you have with them. With most parents both of them have to work to pay the bills but it never hurt to have some “”FAMILY TIME,”” even your bosses have that so why shouldn’t you right!

Kids grow up extremely fast, try to enjoy them while you have a chance to because before you know it they become grownups and are leaving the nest and having a family of their own to take care of.