Having Surgery

Having surgery is a scary thing to happen to someone especially if that someone is you, sure the Doctor says that there’s nothing to worry about but in your mind it’s not them that’s having the surgery it’s you so they shouldn’t tell you not to worry about it because your going to no matter what they say.

A couple of weeks ago I has a Pararhyois Ectome done, now my throat has a big ugly scar right in the middle and it’s still swollen so it looks really ugly.  I’ve been trying to think of a way to cover it up and using a scarf is all that I can come up with.

The reason I had to have this done was because I had way to much calcium in my blood, which in turn meant that my body was taking calcium out of my bones and that’s not good mainly because it was making my bones week and that’s not a good thing by any means.

Now I’m all fixed up and ready to have some fun.


The Joy OF Dancing

Everybody enjoys letting loose every now and then but sometimes one might not be sure how the dance steps go but that’s easy to fix.

You can take ballroom dance lessons with the dance doctor “John Cassese” if you live in the Los Angles area. It only takes a couple of hours a week to learn your favorite dances and the prices are very reasonable.

Having fun shouldn’t be hard to do so why not go and take few lessons and show your partner you can have fun dancing as well.


Spring Has Sprung

Ahhh, the birds are singing the trees are blooming and the grass needs cutting, the perfect time for it to become Spring. Since Spring break is over that only means one thing, it won’t be long before school will be out for the summer and the kids will be under your feet for about 3 months or so depending on where you live.

What are your plans for the summer or do you have any, there are many things to do that won’t cost much like going to the park or even going on a picnic down by the lake or beach, what ever is in your part of the world or neighborhood.

If your kids are old enough they can get a part time job to pass the time plus it will give them some spending money, maybe mow a few yards or walk the neighbors pets, those are simple enough for anybody to do, at least it would get the kids out of the house for a bit.

By now you probably need a vacation yourself, so what do you want to do? Go to the Grand Canyon or possibly Six Flags or to the lake to get a tan and meet some new people and make some new friends, it really doesn’t matter as long as you have fun at what you do.


Wasting Time While;

Wasting time has never been easier, with so many different types of computers and games out there you can have fun while you wait to finish your laundry, cooking, baby sitting after the kids are asleep, yard work ect.

You can also get a ton of work done if you work from home like many people to now days. Nobody enjoys doing laundry especially the folding and ironing part. Give you child a school lesson as well while you wait on whatever you are doing to get through.

Of course there are always games that you can play as well, solitaire, poker, killing ninjas, saving the world, you get my drift. It’s not like the old days when all you could do was to play PAC MAN or read really old magazines in the laundromat.

Nope, the times have changed and for the better I might add, now you can get so much done while you’re wasting time that you’re not wasting time at all but getting something accomplished instead, feels good doesn’t it.

How about planing your family vacation, or writing a short story just for fun, heck, you never know it might get published in the local paper and then you will have a brand new career getting started and never even knew it.


Caution; Kids At Play

You gotta love watching kids having fun and what better for them to than by playing on a swing set with monkey bars a private play room and a slide. The swing sets in Woodbridge are custom made and perfect for any backyard.

No matter the size you want, Woodbridge can make it, many of them have a large deck and even more playing room with little houses on them kinda like a tree house except it’s on the ground, it’s safer that way. Some of them even have a planters box for the window, what better way to teach your child about responsibility.

Spring Break

Spring break will soon be here and the kids will have a short break from school, are you ready to give then the time of their life! It’s hard to take little ones on vacation because they get figgity and bored easily, always needing to make a pit stop along the way and it’s not always to go to the bathroom.

You stop often to give them a break, maybe even at a picnic area and grab them a snack of some sort, have you ever noticed that when children have food, their a lot quieter. Take plenty of coloring books, toys, car games etc. to keep them busy and happy.

Always be prepared for an emergency, kids can get pretty radical if it’s a long trip because they get bored so easily. Find things for them to look at while your driving, ask them to see how many different license plates they can spot.

All in all, even the parents need a break as well so you take them somewhere on spring break and during the summer it’s your turn to go and have some fun possibly with another couple or family members. No matter what you decide to do, just make sure to have some fun and relax.


If you’re looking for a great guitar you need to look up one called the Jay Turser, it has incredible sound and is as clear as day. Many of the best guitarist in the world are using it.

The Jay Turser has a solid body with versatile tone and blend knob settings to choose from so you can keep your options wide open when it comes to the style of music you play. The body is deep cut to get the solid sounds that you are looking for when it comes to a guitar.




Dale Jr.

He’s on a roll, lets hope that it doesn’t stop with this one race. Dales always had a decent race record bur as of late, he hasn’t done to well, this is the first race in 55 attempts to win one.

Many people forget that he went winless for over 100 races a little while back so he isn’t doing that bad. Some drivers never win a race throughout their whole career as a driver but they don’t get any flack from it because their known not to win just fill a seat in a lesser teams car.

Many of the smaller teams are known for this and sometimes a driver in one of these cars get lucky and wins, take Trevor Bayne for instance, he drove for the Wood Brothers and won the Daytona 500 several years ago and hasn’t won since but he still drives a car for them sometimes.

Danica Patrick can’t seem get buy a break from other drivers mistakes, every time someone wrecks she seems to find it and gets in the middle of it thus again losing ans parking her car way to early in the race just like yesterday in the Daytona 500. Wrecks like her for some reason or another.


Pups And Their Barking

Puppies get excited pretty easily so they bark trying to get your attention to show you something or another but this can quickly get out of hand, what can you do about this?

Try getting a bark collar for small dogs, this will help to control their barking. Many collars have controls on them so you can set it to the level you want. “Sporting Dog Pro” has a wide variety of collars to choose from depending on your dog and the barking it dose.

Nobody likes to be waked up in the middle of the night because of a dogs barking, but sometimes that’s a good thing to scare off would be thief’s.

As The Holidays Turn;

Saturday is March, we’ve already 2 special days so far, New Years  and Valentines Day, next there’s St. Patrick’s Day then Easter Sunday, on to May, are there any holidays in May, ahhh, Mothers Day, In June we have Fathers Day, and that takes us to July, The Fourth Of July.  In August there isn’t anything going on, September brings the first day of fall but that’s all. Then the big holidays roll around again.

This goes on every year, nothing ever changes except the special holidays that you and your family enjoy together like birthdays and such.

Isn’t it amazing that every year it’s always the same old thing, and aren’t we glad that we have the privilege to enjoy all of the holidays that are bestowed among us. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I enjoy all the time that I can muster up with my husband, I love everything about him if I can say so, he’s the best man in this world that I know of and I wouldn’t have it any other way.