North Texas Weather

My goodness, the weather in North Texas has been incredible for this time of year, the past week was in the high 70′s to low 80′s, I wist that it would stay that way all year round. Now it’s August, that’s the hottest month of the year down here, right now it’s only 80 degrees and the sun is shining bright and the best part is that it’s FRIDAY.

It won’t be long until school is back in session, wow, where did the summer already? The next thing you know it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving and once again Christmas.

The summer doesn’t last as long it seems but I know that it’s always the same length, I guess because it goes by so fast. Soon, football will be back on and the good time will roll.


ChiliPad–One Awesome Matress Pad

This is a must for every women out there, (ok, men you can use it as well.) This awesome mattress pad has individual cool-heat selectors for each side of the bed, how great is that! They come in all the mattress sizes that there is, well except for a baby’s crib.

From what I’ve read I have to get one, having night sweats is a nightmare and it also bothers my poor husband. The best thing is you control the temperature 1 degree at a time which makes for easy adjustment.

What a great way to save money on your electricity bill. For a ChiliPad just click on the link above, you won’t find this anywhere else and the price is excellent.

Taking Meds

This is something not many people enjoy doing but in some cases it’s a necessity, without them bad thing will happen to them. Take me for instance, I’m on 8 different kinds of meds, naturally for different things but that’s still a lot of meds and money when all is said and done.

I take 2 different blood pressure pills, why I take 2 I’ll never understand unless that just happened to be the best combination for me, I don’t know for sure probably never will. The rest of my meds are for various things in which I won’t go into mainly because I don’t want to bore toy to death.

I thank my lucky stars for my husbands insurance, other wise I wouldn’t be taking anything and I’d more than likely have died from a heart attack or stroke of some sort but I haven’t so I guess that I’m Okay for now.

I know that meds are expensive but Doctors sometimes have coupons for certain ones that you can use and the expiration date is “NEVER.” Ask your Doctor if he has any the next time you go to him or her, you just never know unless you ask.

Redecorating The Kitchen

When it comes to redecorating most people either look at magazines or places like “The Home Depot” or a hardware store, the most common thing to change in the kitchen besides appliances is the cabinets.

In order for the cabinet doors to open you will need to get some cabinet hinges and the place for that is at “OVIS” they have every kind of hinge that there is and the price is right as well.

So stop putting off doing the kitchen, and get the job done right, call someone to do it, just make sure that you tell them about the cabinet hinges you want from “Ovis.”

Puzzle Books and Computer Games

I enjoy playing with the puzzle books that have the hidden phrases and words, the circle type, not the fill-in ones. I take the answer page out from the back of the book and starting the first puzzle, start putting the answers on each page until I’ve finished and then go back and do the puzzles, it’s not cheating just getting the answers first.

Like so many, I also enjoy playing computer games and one of my favorites is “Crystal scope” it’s circling three of the same color over and oner again until you’ve cleared all of different colored balls off the screen.

Another one is “Monkey Gems” and my last favorite one is sorta a kids game called “Findit,” in this one, you have to find certain object in a room that’s literally full of stuff, each time you find something on the list you click on it and it gets crossed off of the list of things you need to find before time is up, you only have 5 minutes to find everything or the little girl cry s (remember, it’s only a game.)

Every time you play this game the things on the list is different so it’s kinda hard to remember where everything in the room is, it’s a good memory tester.


Working With Foam

It’s become a reality that sometimes it’s better to reupholster something yourself instead of sending it out to get fixed. There are all types of do-it-yourself kits that have the instructions with the materials that you need to fix that torn couch cushion material.

“The Foam Factory” has everything you need to get started even the do-it-yourself kits, that is the place to go for upholstery foam and every thing else you might need to get the project done.

Leisure Time

Leisure time doesn’t come around every often when you have little ones to care for but their worth it and you know it or you would have planned your life better. We all know how fast kids grow up especially once they hit school age.

It seems like they need new school clothes each and every year, it’s a never ending ordeal and won’t be until they grow up and move out, that’s when it becomes cheap mainly because they stopped growing in height size and hopefully not the other size (being over weight.)

Of course with them being your children the love never stops growing but your glad that you got your quiet time back for a little while anyway. Then comes the grandkids, oops, there goes your quiet and leisure time but their worth it.

Of the best part being a grandparent is being able to spoil the grandkids and then giving them back to their parents, now, they have a chance to see how you felt when your kids were still just kids.

Happy Parenting!!!!!


This Sounds Crazy; “Christmas”

As crazy as it sounds Christmas isn’t that far away, only 4 months (wow) it’ll be here before you know it and the best place to look for Christmas ornaments is at the “Christmas Place.”

Christmas ornaments sale here faster that anywhere else because of their great prices and their assortment is humongous. They have every type of ornament you could think of.

The Egyptian glass is a favorite to many and is also extremely wonderful low prices. It’s never to early to think about the upcoming holidays.






Everybody dreams about something they had wished for at some time or another and you’re no exception neither am I. When you see a Wishing Well you take out some change and make a wish before you toss it into the wishing well or fountain, everybody’s done it so why not you right!

The only thing is, is that you wonder if your wish will come true sometime during your lifetime or if it was just nonsense to make a wish to start with, you never know what could possibly happen unless you try.

Some say that it’s foolish to make a wish, why is that? Is we wrong to have dreams and wishes, no, not at all in fact it’s a part of life we all enjoy experiencing. Making a wish didn’t hurt anybody so they shouldn’t judge you by that in fact they shouldn’t judge you for anything, less they judge themselves.

It’s kinda like when you were a child, you made a wish before you blew out the candles on your birthday cake hoping to get the toy you wanted so much or even the book who knows what you wished for as long as you did.

Printing Services

Every now and then we need to have some sort of document printed up for certain reasons or to tell of a service that we can provide to the public and the best way to do this is through the digital printing services NYC.

The company listed above can do anything you need from printing up “announcements” all the way down to “velo/ wire/ comb binding, as well as Annual reports and wedding invitations, there aren’t any problem these folks can’t take care of, what ever your printing or service needs there, there to help.