A Smokin’ And A Drinkin’

There’s nothing like relaxing after a long day at work with the beverage of your choice and a little soak in the hot tub to help unwind you. The smokin’s from steam from the hot tub, get it?

Anyway, what makes you relax? how do you unwind from a long day, to heck with a day how about a long week, that sounds better. Before our hot tub heater went out we used to get in there with some soft music and a cooler full of ice cold beer or a bottle of champaign, ahhhh…, to the good ol days of long ago.

Now I can’t work so the hot tub is just sitting in our backyard falling apart. We’ve had to to put so much money into the hot tub that it wouldn’t really be worth getting it fixed again, or that’s what I’ve been told anyway.

Now during the day I play on the computer and watch Ellen and that’s about it I guess. Since Charter changed their format there’s nothing to do on it, no news to read and no games to play so I go elsewhere to do that, speaking of Ellen, she’s about to come to TV so I need to get off of here for now.

Baby Shower Games

Some of the best baby shower games are the simplest. You don’t want the mommy to be to over exert her-self so keep the games you play easy. How about starting off with some of the best baby shower brand games like, baby shower scratch off cards, baby shower bingo, baby shower raffle tickets or the baby shower silly charades game.

These are all so much fun to play and the best thing is that the next time one of you’re friends is having a baby you can play these games again, the fun never stops. The BestBabyShower Brand has contributed to many successful baby showers. This brand also offers many different types of baby shower gifts for the expecting mother.

This company has helped plan many baby showers with the mother in mind so there’s nothing hard about playing any of them, the object is to have a great time and a lot of fun. If you have other children already let them join in on the baby shower fun with you, they’ll have as much fun as you.

Hot Dogs

I found the best hot dog out there, the “BEEF BALL PARK BUN SIZED,” all you really want to do to these is heat it in the microwave for about 20 to 30 seconds, then take it out and put it on a hot dog bun, stick it back into the microwave until the bun is warm to your liking, don’t add anything to it and I’ll bet you that it will be the best tasting hot dog you’ll ever have. When you heat the hot dog in water it looses all of it’s flavoring, try this once and you won’t go back to the way you were eating them.

The first time that I tried it we had just gotten some fresh hot dog buns so they were pretty soft. We buy the cheapest ones because I know for a fact that the major companies make them, all they do to change the packaging is use a off brand bag to put them in.

Actually Coors Light beer makes Keystone Light beer, look on the packages to see where your off brand comes from, you’ll be surprised at what you will find.

The off brand ice creams are the same way, Blue Bunny is made by Blue Bell and so on, I think that you’ll really be surprised at how much you can save by just reading the label.

Woodwind Instruments

There are a variety of woodwind instruments, the student clarinet is just one of them. There just about the lowest priced of them all.

A student clarinet might not cost as mush as a one you might see at the opera or in a orchestra but it’s not the cost of the clarinet that makes the music, it’s the person playing the instrument that does.

The woodwind and brasswind instruments play a large roll in any sort of music, as does drums, guitars and the piano.

It’s Chilly Outside

We went from 75 degrees down to 34 degrees with in 24 hours, that’s one reason so many people get sick, the weather is forever changing. I guess that that’s a good thing though, otherwise it would always be about 75 to 80 degrees, darn that sounds nice, to have steady weather all year long.

Well, I guess if I want that I should move to Hawaii or some other tropical paradise, that sounds awesome. I guess that I shouldn’t complain because where we live it’s pretty comfortable most of the time, excluding sumer and winter. We live in Texas and have for a long long time.

Yea!!! It’s time for Ellen to come on, I’ll type more later on.

The Bass Guitar

The first bass guitar back in the 17th century was electric bit was bulky because it was a double bass.

During 1920’s, Lloyd Loar,  “who worked for Gibson,” designed the first ‘electric double bass’. The bass used an electro-static pickup, but  the amplification of bass frequencies was not yet undeveloped so there was no practical way of hearing the instrument, one didn’t know exactly how loud it was.

The first bass guitar; The original bass guitar was developed by Paul Tutmarc in the 1930s it was electric and as a replacement for the double bass,  he received very little success for the invention mainly because it had been made many, many years ago by someone else..

NASCAR’s Sponsors

It seems like every year NASCAR sponsors are either pulling out or cutting back on their sponsorship. I know that it cost a LOT to sponsor a car for a race but if it wasn’t for the sponsors there probably wouldn’t be a NASCAR, not the way we know it anyway.

The Nationwide Series changed names during the off season to Xfinity, hell I can remember when it was the Busch Series, that was about 20 or so years ago. The Sprint Cup Series was called “Winston Cup Series,” man how time flies, it sure doesn’t seem like it’s been that long ago.

Sponsors come and go all of the time, the ones that are the hardest to keep are the long term ones like Jimmie Johnson has, Lowe’s has been with him almost throughout his whole career.

Sometimes sponsors jump around to different cars, it depends on who the driver is, I suppose because sponsors want a great driver that the fans follow whole heartily knowing that that driver will be shopping at his sponsors store and so will his fans.

If you go to the races, be safe and by all means have a great time.

Do You Have Woodworking In Your Blood?

Veneer wood sheets come in a wide variety of woods such as Cherry, Oak, Rosewood, Teak and Walnut just to name a few. This type of wood sheets are perfect for cabinets, dressers, drawers or edge banding.

If you are looking for veneer wood sheets look no further. “OVIS” has a wide variety to choose from in many different types of wood. To learn more about Ovis all you need to do is click on the link above and there you’ll find everything you need to get started on your next project.

Crystal Scope; The Game…

This is one fun game to play, the object is to knock all of the same colors out and win, this game can really get under your skin for more reasons than I care to talk about. My husband is hooked on the game, when he gets home from work I’ll have 2 games ready for him to play.

He doesn’t play as much as I do so his patience is a lot thinner than mine. I’ll have him 2 games with only 3 or 4 colors left to get rid of to win and he is forever trying to get the little voices that are in the game to yell “WOW” and granted he gets a “WOW” on almost every shot, it’s so cute the way he giggles at the little voices, it makes me chuckle a little bit listening to him.

If you get some free time you ought to check it out, I’ll bet you have as much fun as we do.

Getting Married, What About The Reception?

If you find yourself looking for a DJ for your reception and you live near the Charleston S.C. area you’re in luck. We didn’t have the opportunity of having a DJ for my wedding because we went to city hall but if you need one there’s no better company than “Bunn DJ Company.”

If they don’t make you feel like a friend, you did something wrong, not them, their goal is to provide you with the best experience possible. To learn more about them simply click on the link above.“`