Medication Names

Why does medicine have to have names that are pronounced in Latin, why not put an American name in ( ) beside it so people knew what they were taking and could pronounce it without having to have a Latin dictionary to look it up.

I take 7 different meds and I have terrible time remembering the names of each one so I write on top of the bottle what each one is for, one says (p) for pain, another says (mr) for muscle relaxer and one says (bp-1) for blood pressure 1 (I take 2 kinds of blood pressure pills) and so on, this is the simplest way for me to identify each one. That is the easiest way for me to remember which one is which.

It’s a good thing that my husband doesn’t have any meds, that would really mess me up. I guess all in all I’m pretty lucky that, that’s all that I have to take right now.



Dre Headphones

Just about everywhere you look you see people using headphones whether it’s on a bus, train, walking down the street or sitting in a cab, what better headphones to use than the ever so popular Dre Headphones.

The Dre Headphones produces something called monsta beats which in short is the best when it comes to a set of headphones.

The clarity is outstanding and the beats are extremely pronounced, when all is said and done, nothing comes close to the way that Dre Headphones sound, if you are looking to get the best sound out there you can’t go wrong with these.

Having FunDuring The Summer

Who says that it has to cost an arm and a leg to have fun, how much does it cost to go to the park, how about a long slow walk with a loved one, or perhaps playing a table game like Monopoly or Dominoes or even cards, those few games are sure to keep you cool on these hot summer days.

Some communities have a pool that is shared by the neighborhood and most Apartment complexes have a pool as well. Maybe you live close to the lake or the beach, (make sure to take some sunscreen to protect yourself and drink plenty of water.)

Or you could fix up a nice picnic basket and have lunch at the park with your kids then watch them play and make new friends, now, relax and enjoy the time that you have with them. With most parents both of them have to work to pay the bills but it never hurt to have some “”FAMILY TIME,”” even your bosses have that so why shouldn’t you right!

Kids grow up extremely fast, try to enjoy them while you have a chance to because before you know it they become grownups and are leaving the nest and having a family of their own to take care of.

Burlap Tablecloths

How would have ever though that burlap would become a great looking tablecloth. At “Premier Burlap Boutique” you will find numerous items that are made out of burlap, each one is exquisite in it’s own way.

No matter what you are looking for that’s made from burlap you’re bound to fine it their. They have a wide selection of tablecloths, chair covers, table linens, napkins, picture frames and an assortment of other goodies to choose from.

Check out the Burlap Tablecloth website, you’ll be glad that you did.




Commercials take up about 15% of a TV show, why is that, can’t the sponsors find a quicker or shorter way to get their product out there. Commercials are exactly why we record everything we watch, once it’s recorded we can skip through the time consuming commercials and enjoy the show that we want to watch without interruptions.

A two hour show is usually only about 1&1/2 hours long, very seldom do we find a commercial that’s of use to us unless it’s about a show that’s coming back on that’s been off for the season.

We are avid watchers of Net Flix TV., no commercials ever interrupt the show that we’re watching plus it’s a great change of pace for us, I think that the only things that we watch that has commercials are NASCAR and Football.

There’s no reason to watch something that takes up TV time throughout a show, unless you like that sort of thing and we don’t. With summer in full swing the awesome shows like “Suits”, “Rozzoli & Isles,” “Royal Pains,” “Perception” and “Graceland” are back on and those shows are much better without commercials interrupting them.

It’s a FREE Country and I for one am glad that we have a choice of how we watch Television.



Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing has many uses such as insulating electrical wires after splicing, protecting from moisture invasion or creating an abrasion resistant surface on wires.

Heat shrink tubing is extruded in it’s expanded stat and then reduced to it’s normal size by heat.

The heat source used to shrink the tubing must be hot enough to contract the tubing but not so hot as to melt or char the tubing. A hair dryer will NOT work and using a lighter proves to unlikely to properly apply the correct amount of heat without destroying the tubing. The best heat source to use is Heat Shrink Gun made just for this purpose.

Contact plastic tubing from for all of you tubing needs. They feature many sizes, colors and materials to meet any heat shrink tubing need.


Our Babies

Our babies will be 3 this Christmas and Sassy is still so little shes like a stuffed little toy that’s so cuddly sometimes where on the other hand Fred is a giant cat compared to Sassy. I took them to the vet and learned that cats only need to get rabies shots every 3 years now instead of every year. Our babies eat everything that we do.

Lately we have found out something sorta strange, our girl Sassy likes ice cream with chocolate syrup on it and our boy Fred likes bananas. But they will eat almost anything, Sassy has her moms (me) sweet tooth as to where Fred likes just the opposite. like his dad, when it comes to sweets, no thank you.

There’s something that they do that makes my wonder, they hide their toys, when they do, we can’t find them anywhere, then all of a sudden out of the blue, they reappear out from somewhere that I guess we missed when we were looking for them.

They also enjoy bacon, cheese (this ones not a surprise) and french fries, does anybody find that strange except me and my husband? I don’t guess it really matters what they eat as long as their health.

We love our babies so much, I hope that everyone that has a pet loves them as much as we love ours.

House Cleaning Service

If you are lucky enough to live in Raleigh, N.C.  there is a unique house cleaning service that does more than just cleaning, they are also concierges as well as a cleaning  service their called “The Other Woman.”

They will do almost anything asked of them in a timely manor. There are only so many hours in a day and most of us don’t have the time to do everything we need to, that’s where comes into play.

Pets, no problem, cooking, no problem, kids, no problem, see what’s happening here, they do everything that you don’t have the time to do so give them a look-up and see just how they can help you.

Staying Cool This Summer

What’s the easiest way to stay cool this summer, well you could go swimming at the lake or your favorite swimming hole maybe go to Six Flags or possibly even enjoy the pool you have in your backyard. No matter how you stay cool make sure that you drink plenty of water or liquids to keep you hydrated.

The summer heat can do many bad things to your body if you don’t drink enough and that’s not a good thing. Nutritionist are always talking about the benefits of Gatorade and those other drinks with supposedly good stuff in them like electrolytes and such.

I prefer plain old water that’s ice cold with a straw, you can’t really go bad with that. We need to get a sprinkler to put in the backyard so I can run through it like I did when I was a kid, that was always fun, so is a slip n’ slide (?.)

Now that I’m grown I just stay in the house to stay cooled off, I find that more along my agenda now that I almost 60 years old.

Anyway, stay cool this summer and drink plenty of liquids, most of all have fun doing it…


One Picture Equals A Million Memories

Sometimes we don’t want to have our picture taken but our Parents insist on it, later on in life as you look back at the picture you remember how happy your parents were to have you their by their side even though you looked so miserable.

You’re getting married now and the Raleigh wedding photographer has taken the most beautiful pictures of the two of you and you that hope that when you have children they will want to get their picture as well by your side but with a smile on their face..