Social Security

Sometimes I wonder if there will be any Social Security money left when I retire, the way the economy is going I don’t think that there will be. I’m 60 now and am getting ready to see if I can get social security disability.

I haven’t been able to work for over 5 years now because of my back. I guess that working as a server in restaurants for over 40 years will do that to ones back, I guess that I should have tried to go into a different profession bit never got the chance to.

That was the only way at the time to support my 4 kids and hurt husband, the money was easy and I could pick the hours that I needed, that way I could be home with the kids when ever my now dead x husband had to go to the Dr.

I managed to raise them but not as well as I wished that I could have, not being there all the time didn’t work out to well in that department. I wasn’t ever home so they grew away from me but the only person I can blame is myself.

I never got a chance to see my grandchildren and I’m paying dearly for that. If I had the chance do it all over again in a different way I would and I think that if I had finished school it would have been different.


Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a problem everywhere, it’s hard to get rid of them no matter how hard we try, sure you can spray yourself with mosquito repellent but how long will that last, usually not long enough.

Northline Exress – Skeetervac Mosquito Traps about the only thing that can fully protect you from mosquitoes. Blue Rhino has been proven to be the most efficient way to control mosquitoes. The bad thing about living near the water is the fact that mosquitoes are attracted to it.

The water doesn’t have to be stagnated for mosquitoes  to swarm around it, it’s the moisture that attracts them to the water. The Northline Exress –  Skeetervac Mosquito traps have a way to mix a combination of odors that make the mosquito that it’s near a living thing that smells like a persons body.

Nobody enjoys being where mosquitoes are but sometimes you have no choice and you end up getting bit or stung and we all know what that feels like.

In order to find out more visit the above link and see for yourself the wonders of the mosquito trap.


There are all sorts of decisions we have to make everyday of every week, have you ever wondered if you made the right choice about something that you weren’t sure about, if you said no you’d be fibbing wouldn’t you.

We all do that as well, we all think that a little white lie won’t hurt us but have you considered who if might hurt unknowingly, afterwards you feel horrible and didn’t know how to fix this wrong.

We teach our children not to lie so why do we get to and not them, we know it’s wrong yet we do it anyway. What gives us the right to do that and not them??? It’s NOT ALRIGHT TO LIE PERIOD…

Other choices we make offend others that we’re not aware of, so how do we know what to do and not to do when that happens?

Children are one of the great wonders of life yet many people choose to hurt their little ones, that wasn’t the right choice for them to make but they did it anyway now that child is scared for life that is if he or she is still alive.

Always try to make the right choices and if you’re not sure about something ask someone, if not your parents then possibly your priest.

The Pen Factory

Pens, we use them all of the time and don’t give much thought into where they come from. What are they made from, how do they get the ink inside that little tube, what gives them the right to say that their pens are the best?

Simply put, their fountain pens are the best, they don’t skip when you write with it, they don’t smudge, the lines it draws are smooth and even.

At the you will find a large assortment of things such as personalized pens along with promotional items like mugs, key chains, letter openers, sticky flag booklet and pen and water bottles to name just a few.

The Penfactory even has pens that have a little clock on them and some of them even have a flashlight, how cool is that. If you have a business that you’re trying to get off the ground what better way to advertise than with personalized pens with your logo on it.

These pens are like the sign says, AWESOME.


You can find out much, much more if you go to the link that’s highlighted in the above section.

picture of pens  - Tick placed in awesome checkbox on customer service satisfaction survey form - JPG

Is It Lunch Time Yet!!!

Getting hungry, want something different, well, you’re not alone. Everyday people from all over look for something different mainly because when you ear the same thing over and over it becomes tiresome.

Don’t really want fast food to eat, don’t want soup,or salad, and sandwiches are out of the equation as well. So now, what to eat???

It’s to hot for chili, to cool for ice cream what a pickle we’re in…

Wait….what about spaghetti with meatballs and garlic bread, hum…too much trouble.

Firggle fart…….. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes, that won’t take too long to fix and it actually sounds kinda good, but do I want to wait that long to eat!!! Na…

I got it,YEA…PIZZA, that’s the ticket, it’s fast simple and will fill me up. WAIT. I don’t have a pizza… well crap, that’s out.. I guess a bowl of cereal and some toast will be what I settle for, I’ll have to give tomorrow much more thought, guess I’ll go to the store and look around for something different.

Lets Spruce Up The Place

Are you getting tired of looking at the same stuff everyday? If you are, it’s time to do something about it ans at a reasonable price.

Something as simple as a tablecloth can change the looks of an entire room. Satin tablecloths are beautiful and easy to maintain, there are many different types of linens to choose from if you go to the right place.

If you’re looking for something along that direction how about checking out “Premier Table Linens.” They have a vast selection to choose from at wonderful prices.

The Return Of NASCAR

It’s hard to believe that NASCAR will be back next month, they have one of the longest working seasons in sports, it’s around 9 months, much longer than any other sport plays.

I’ve noticed that some of the teams are already doing test sessions,and the sprint series has changer it’s name to ” XFINITY. “ Jeff Gordon has an  awesome looking race car for the Daytona 500 race, look it up on “NASCAR.COM.”

There’s also new pit road technology that will take the place of many NASCAR officials, there will still be some at the races but not as many will be needed.

There are a few new drivers to keep an eye on like “Rico Abreu,” (he’s 22 years old) he’s a “Chili Bowl” racing winner. Rico will be running in the “K&N Pro East Series for HScott Motorsports.”

Need A Break From Housework?

Well if you do there’s only one place to call and that’s “The Other Woman”. They do it all from simply cleaning your home all the way down to a concierge service.

Kids, no problem, dog walking, once again, no problem and they also will do your laundry, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Cary house cleaning is the way to go if you live in the Raleigh, N.C. region, so you might as well look them up and plan for a day relaxation with nothing to worry about except enjoying yourself.


After The Holidays Are Over;

What plans do you have? Are you already getting ready for this years holidays coming around or are you going to wait until the last minute like you did this past year? It really doesn’t matter, every individual is different when it comes to planing for the holidays.

I like to start early and do a little at a time that way I’m not rushed into purchasing what I don’t really like, there are an abundant of choices out there to pick from depending on the person that you’re buying for.

Children have become more difficult to buy for because of all the games and game councils out their, of course this is also depending on their age and the capability of being able to do what you have chosen for him or her. Nevertheless, who doesn’t enjoy getting a gift every now and then.

Masonic Rings

If the company you work for are in need of rings for their employees for their services rendered, there’s no other place to get the masonic rings other than “Joy Jewelers.”

The same goes for a fraternity, lodge, school, or any other club, having a personalized ring some how makes a person feel special. These are some of the finest masonic rings around and at a price that won’t break you.