Giving Thanks

When do you give thanks, only around the holidays or are you a more all of the time type person! I prefer to give thanks every time I think about everything that I have and to the fact that I have been blessed with a wonderful husband.

My children are all grown up so I never see my grandchildren or my kids for that fact so I’m always worrying about their well being. I also wonder if they miss me at all? I guess I’ll never know because I don’t even know where they live, but I do pray that there all right.

If you are alive you need to be thankful everyday, you never know when it’s your time to go, and you also don’t know when it’s your loved ones time so be thankful and grateful everyday of your life.

Be happy not sad, that’s how you will be remembered…


Happy Birthday “Les Paul”

As if these guitars weren’t good enough already, Les Paul is adding a new lineup to this collection. The Les Paul signature in on the top of the guitar where you twist the chord wires for tuning.

The rosewood one piece fingerboard has been treated with oil for a smoother touch and the neck of the guitar has a broader base which in turn makes it easer to handle.

To find out more about this great Les Paul guitar click on the link above and see it for yourself.

The Holidays Are Here Again

My oh my, where has the time gone! It doesn’t seem possible to be in the middle of November but it is and it’s only 6 weeks until Christmas and then we start all over again. 2015, I never though that I would live to see the day, actually I haven’t yet have I, well I’m close enough to say that I almost saw 2015.

Ahhh the holidays, ya gotta love em’, it’s the time for giving and hopefully making someones life a little bit better in some way even if it’s a strangers, give a little extra this year if you can. There’s always someone out there that is in need.

I have always loved driving around and looking at the Christmas displays and lights through out the neighborhoods and surrounding areas, when my kids were small they also enjoyed touring the city for all the light shows that were going on. If you have never done it you should give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.

Is Your Business In Trouble

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have you will eventually need some kind of help. Weather you are a small claims place or a large bank sometimes things happen and you end up in some sort of legal trouble.

Even a creditor rights can get violated and that’s not a good thing for them or their employees. Let the attorneys of Everett Gaskins Hancock help you out. They have helped many large companies out, they even help secured and unsecured creditors. Get the help you need today before it’s to late.

Pure Meanness!

Why do people hurt poor little animals, I read today that a man poured boiling hot water on a 1 year old pit bull because the dogs owner broke up with him, how mean and horrible is that.

I wish that someone would do that to him, pay back’s a bit–, if you get my drift. You’re always reading about animals getting drowned killed or hurt out of just plain meanness, that just kills my soul. What did they ever do to the people that hurt them?

It’s no wonder the ASPCA is over run with animals, people can be so cruel and hurtful that it sickens me.

If you don’t want the pet give it to some one that will appreciate it, love it and give it a good home with the love that it deserves.

You don’t do those things to your family members do you, so why would you do it to the family pet…

Record With Ease

No matter what type of music you happen to enjoy here’s one recorder that’s easy to use with a small price tag to go with it. The tascam dr-05 is just what the doctor ordered so you can record your dream music with the touch of only one finger.

It can speed up or slow down the music so you can enjoy in different ways. It’s been revamped to use with a touch of your thumb, how easy is that.

You don’t only get high quality music, you also get a way to play it super easily.

New Mexico

My husband has been gone for 10 days and nights now, he won’t be back home until tomorrow night. He’s training some new store employees that his company bought a while back on his company’s new computer system, he works for Purvis Industries in Dallas, Texas, he has been with the company for about 20 years or so.

He’s one of the trainers when it comes to the company purchasing another company’s and converting it to their way of doing business with their computer system.

He’s quite good at it I must say, if he can teach me how to use our home computer he can teach anybody even though it’s two separate ways of doing things. I’m a slow learner in just about everything I try to learn, I learn better by doing not watching.

If we didn’t have cats I would of gone crazy the second day that he was gone.


Pharmaceuticals plays a major part in everyones life, weather it be vitamins, lotion to sooth rough dry hands or a way to spruce up a mustache, your local pharmacy will more than likely carry it. The brand you need to look for is Boiron, the top maker for everything from bath foams and milk to health tools and accessories.

The Boiron name stands tall and so do their employees, this company makes everything that’s a big part of many peoples lifes even your’s and mine, so if you have to purchase necessities for your family why not make it the best one out there.



Pay-Pal and E-Bay

We don’t want for you and pay-pal to split up…. This is the most effective and trust worthy place to purchase items that we want and need. We don’t want to give out our credit # to anybody else. Is there anything we can do to stop what’s happening??? We buy everything through your service and don’t want to try to find another safe way to purchase the goods that we want. Are there any solutions?

Autumn Is In The Air;

And everything is a changing, ya gotta love this time of the year. We all know that pleasant weather is right around the corner and that makes a world of difference when it some to doing outside activities, the weather is just right for hiking, going on long walks, taking a stroll along the beach or just sitting outside and enjoy the excellent weather.

It’s a pity that autumn doesn’t last longer, it could last as long as summer does as far as I’m concerned but I’ll enjoy it while it’s here just like everybody else will.

Soon, the colors will be turning beautiful ambers and crimson and the smell is something so different, almost fresh like. Soon the grass, trees, shrubs and flowers will be tucking in for a long winters nap, once they wake back up there ready to amaze us with there bright beautiful colors of spring.

Before you know it we’ll be doing this all over again next year, talking about what Mother Nature is giving us and that’s all of her beauty most of the time not counting her anger streak that she sometimes places upon us but if it weren’t for that we’d we wouldn’t ever have any rain or storms that our trees and lawns so desperately need.

Anyway, enjoy this great weather while you can…