In-Laws or Out-Laws

Which do you have? Personally, I have great In-laws now, their warm, loving and treat me as if I was one of theirs, what a wonderful feeling that is. In fact, sometimes I push my husband to go to his moms so I can go with him, ( my husbands father died a few years ago.)

I had one really bad mother-in-law, she refused to accept me and my children, when I had a son from my then husband she took him from us and told me that if I wanted him back that I had to divorce her son.

Not long after I had my son my husband got buried alive in a ditch that his company was drilling to put piping in so the Real Estate company could build a shopping center. He was hospitalized for several months, my mother-in-law refused to watch my children so I could stay with him.

My-father-in-law was very upset about so he took off work so I could be with my husband, his son. He never forgave his wife I don’t think, because she moved in with her sister and never went back to dad and still had my son with her so we hardly ever saw him, maybe twice a year if we were lucky.

She said that she kept him because his dad had gotten hurt and couldn’t take care of his son. What the hell was I to him, only his mother… We never saw her again, she died shortly after our son was old enough to take care of himself.

I’ve heard from him 2 times in 30 years……..


Quad is the short term for quadruple which means 4 to most of us. If you are looking for a quad car lift you’ve come to the right place, that is when you click on the link that I’m going to provide to you.

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This is the next best thing besides going to the movie theater, you can pick from an abundance of great titles and take a break any time with out missing a thing. So much cheaper than going to the movies with a much better selection to choose from.

One if the best series that we have ever watched was “West Wing,” man, I wish that it was still on, it was done perfectly and in 42 minutes per episode, the time was perfect to take up a almost hour with no commercials.

Another really good series was “The Killing,” the only bad thing about it was the fact that it always rained and was gloomy all of the time. “Breaking Bad” is another one, it just seemed to dragĀ  along after a while.

There are a ton of war movies, funny movies, dramas etc. Anything you could possible want to watch is on there so make some popcorn, sit back and relax and enjoy a cold beverage while you get entertained right in your own living room.


N.C. Health Agency

North Carolina is a beautiful state especially during the fall and spring, the colors are something to behold if you love bright vibrant things that grow and not just that, NC health agency is the place to go for all your health insurance needs, they even have short term insurance in case you haven’t found the right coverage for your needs yet.

At the NC Health agency you can get quotes instantly on-line with out a wait, how great is that.

Shes Back;

Ellen Degeneres is back for her 12th season, it looks bigger and better than ever with a ton of great guests and games, if you watch her show you know that shes always looking to help people that are in a bind of some sort, weather it be out of work or in need of a car to get to work, she’s there to help and always comes through in some way or another.

Today is the last day of her premier week and she had the cutest picture of a monkey that took its own selfie, how about that, true story… Around Halloween, she always sends some of her staff to a haunted house and when she shares it with all of us it’s usually very very funny.

She always has a great time with The Twelve Days Of Christmas Giveaways. There’s tons of great gifts you can win and you can even go and be a part of the show, I don’t think that there’s a charge for tickets, I wish that I could go to one of the shows at Christmas, it would be so cool to win great gifts.

The very best part of some of the shows is when shes able to bring a father/husband home to the family like she did today, he was in Afghanistan.



Having The Right Insurance For Your Needs

It’s a known fact that everybody needs to have Insurance of some sort, whether it be for yourself or your car or your home, you do need to have it to cover your assets in case you get into an accident or in case you become ill and can’t work.

While the hospital bills pile up your wallet gets emptier and emptier thus leaving you broke and out of luck. If you’re lucky enough to live in North Carolina than you’ve probably heard of Don Allred Insurance, they cover individuals as well as automobiles and homes, they aren’t a branch of a bigger company, this way they can concentrate on you and only you and your needs.

Autumn Is Right Around The Corner

And you know what that means, the holidays aren’t far away. It seems like school just let out for summer, but the sad fact is, is that schools back in session already. The bright vivid colors of fall will be making an appearance in a couple of months, soon after that the grass will fall asleep for the winter as well as the trees and shrubs.

Before you know it, spring will be here and the flowers, trees, bushes and grass will be awakened with the gentle warm breezes of the spring weather what will flourish everything that Mother Nature has to offer, doesn’t that sound soothing.

We won’t talk about the winter mainly because it’s cold and drab as well as colorless outside and that’s just depressing as all get out. For now lets enjoy the weather we have along with the great sports that go with it, NASCAR, football and what’s left of the basketball season.

Ya gotta love this time of the year if nothing else for the weather.

Being Full Figured

Being full figured doesn’t have to be a draw back, in fact it should be a plus, women of all sizes and shapes want to be active and work out and exercise when ever they have the time. What the difficult part is, is finding a plus size sport bra that’s comfortable for you and your needs.

Worry no more ladies, has just what you are looking for and the price is right, to find out more all you need to do is click on the link above to get to get the size and style that’s right for you.





The Dog Days Of Summer

Even though school is back in session and the holidays aren’t far away, it’s still extremely hot outside. Right now it’s 93 degrees and it’s September, come on already, cool off.

Of course it’s always hot in Texas until October and that’s alright because we know that we will get some relief from the heat pretty soon, it’s just not soon enough. This would be a great time to live up North right about now with their mild summers and beautiful fall season approaching soon.

What gets me is that I went to Walmart a couple of weeks ago and they were putting up their Christmas decorations already, heck, it wasn’t even Labor Day! I guess profit doesn’t wait for any season or store, it seems like the stores start earlier and earlier each year getting ready for the holidays.

July they brought out the pools and September they bring out the Christmas decorations, whats wrong with this picture. At least football is back on a the while NASCAR is getting ready for their play-offs so to speak. If you don’t follow NASCAR, this years chase format is about the best one that I’ve seen yet. If you follow NASCAR, you know what I’m talking about.

Redecorate Your Home

Redecorating your home shouldn’t cost you an arm and leg, that if you know where to find all the best prices in town. The first place that comes to mind is “Goods Home Furnishings,” they have the best prices around and almost everything you could possibly need to ramp up your home.

This discount furniture establishment lets you pick from several different categories so you can design the look you want, everything from the frame to the fabric, how great is that, now you can tell your friends that you designed the furniture yourself.